JONCKERS Emmanuel Biography


Ever since he was a kid, Emmanuel Jonckers, a Belgian creator, has lived in the world of Artist Furniture. Both his parents were art furniture designers, their works were mostly made of engraved metal.

« As my father did not really know what to do with me, he would take me to his atelier where I spent my days helping with the work and experimenting. Often, I would go down to my mother’s atelier where she drew features for the engravement with most care. I took my pencils and drawing sheets to join her in an almost meditative universe dedicated to drawing and creating »

 He grew up a curious and passionate kid. After his parents split up, he created strong bonds with his surroundings, each relationship leading to a new passion : alchemy, the study of ancient Scriptures including hieroglyphs and kabbalistic characters with his spiritual father Roger Ferrari, a cartoonist and good friend of Hergé, geology with his grandfathers, one a geologist and the second a jeweller, the search for refined objects with his father-in-law who was an antique dealer… Since childhood, these encounters and experiences have stimulated his artistic senses and have built up his world.

He studied art and worked to create interior decoration and scenes. Jack-of-all-trade and material lover, he learned welding, engraving, working on glass, resin, and wood. « I dabbled in all sorts of craft and artistic works: mechanical, decorative, building, digital, watchmaking, jewelry,… »

He created his first works, luminaires made with recycled bronze pieces, by giving ancient objects a new aesthetic. Since he was young, Emmanuel has followed his father’s path in creating art material episodically.

 For some years now, Emmanuel Jonckers has been working on his own. Fascinated by the rocks beauty and noble materials, he aims at enhancing them while respecting the original material. He creates sober, sensual and timeless objects, which sole presence is fascinating although they are delicately subtle, naturally and easily fitting in any interiors of any style. « I am not trying to do spectacular, I think it does not remain in time. The way I see it, spectacular is already there in the universe. You only have to take the time to behold it deeply. »

In his soberly and sensually curved pieces, the artist makes inclusions of noble metals and alloys.

«  My engravements represent the structured anarchy of elements, like open doors on organic and mineral. They are a projection of our universe’s reflexion».

The material shaped by nature sensually mingles with the material human chemistry has shaped.

«  I am fond of what comes out of the ground, and of complex settings human could create with chemistry »

Emmanuel Jonckers has this philosophical mindset about how voluptuous elements can be. Organic or mineral, they are related by what they are composed of: carbon.

«  I am fascinated by the Infinitely Great and the infinitely small, by organic and mineral, worlds that have no limits but those of imagination. I am fascinated by science, and the human capacity to read it and to understand it as he is beginning to do, by space and time, by quantum mechanics… »